Is Crossmint safe to use?


Crossmint leverages existing web2 technologies with mature security protocols like 

  • Stripe, a well-known payment processor for online checkouts
  •, a well-known payment processor for online checkouts
  • Gmail for logins
  • Discord for logins

And because Crossmint is a custodial wallet, you don't have to worry about storing and remembering complex recovery keys and passwords.

On our backend, we utilize Fireblocks, the #1 solution for secure custodial wallet solutions.

And lastly, the Crossmint team comes from a variety of highly prestigious backgrounds and projects, from the anti-bot features at Google to risk management at Wells Fargo and Deloitte. Crossmint products are built by former engineers from some of Silicon Valley's most reputed companies, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Whatsapp. 

mceclip0.pngWe have created and securely hold custody of 350,000+ wallets worldwide.

We have significant experience in crafting safe, user-friendly products. 💚


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