Do I have to verify my identity in order to use Crossmint?

It depends on how you use Crossmint.

Here's how verification works with Crossmint:

Buying using Crossmint

Good news! When you buy or mint an NFT using Crossmint, you are purchasing a digital good, not crypto. Purchasing a digital good does NOT require KYC.

Rarely, payments may be declined due to:

  1. Conservative bank policies that restrict digital goods purchases.
  2. Our risk management system may reject payment attempts that do not satisfy certain conditions.

Exporting from the Crossmint wallet

If you wish to export your NFT from your Crossmint wallet to a crypto wallet like Metamask or Phantom, don't worry! Most users will never need to verify or perform KYC when exporting.

Only when payment attempts don't satisfy our proprietary risk management system's conditions will some form of verification be requested.

Verification can either be in the form of an OTP (One Time Password) found on your card statement or an identity verification check (aka KYC).

Only around 5-10% of exports will ask for OTP and approx 1% for KYC.

Projects integrating Crossmint

If you are a developer or project owner, we do require KYC to launch with Crossmint.

However, we've made it an easy, automated process through our Self-Service Developer Console. Find it here. 

Project verification is done through a third-party provider, Persona. We do not store any private information provided by this process.


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