What products does Crossmint offer?

The fastest & friendliest Minting, Payments, & Wallets tooling and infrastructure to support onboarding everyone to your project!

Crossmint offers comprehensive, user-friendly solutions for NFT minting, payments, and wallets. Our goal is to support your project and help onboard users to the NFT space as easily as possible.


Our main product is our hassle-free credit card checkout for NFTs and an easy-to-use custodial wallet solution. This pair allows you to onboard new users into the NFT space in just a minute with an email or social login and a credit card. No need for an existing wallet, cryptocurrency, or extensive KYC processes.


NFT Minting

  • A Minting API that lets you create and deliver NFTs on demand to one or one million users.
    Send NFTs to their crypto wallets or their email addresses (no crypto required).
    Save time and thousands of dollars in smart contract development costs with our Minting API!
  • More coming soon!

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NFT checkout

  • A Pay with Credit Card SDK that enables almost anyone in the world to buy NFTs with their credit card. No crypto required.
  • A Cross-chain payments flow to allow buyers to pay for an NFT with a different cryptocurrency than that of the chain on which the NFT is minted, i.e. paying for an Ethereum NFT in SOL or vice versa. No need for additional wallets or crypto swaps.

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NFT wallets as a service

  • Token Gating solutions that enable web3 authentication with our custodial wallets. Let buyers token gate into your site or platform and let them directly visualize the content of their wallets after having bought using Crossmint. We also support WalletConnect.
  • Whitelabel solutions that enable enterprises to offer NFTs seamlessly within their own ecosystems using the company's own branding and style. Customize and embed your own multi-chain NFT Wallet along with your CTA & followup emails.

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