I'm having trouble logging in

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First, be sure you're logging in with the correct login method associated with your account.

Each of our login types currently corresponds to separate Crossmint accounts. So if you log in with Gmail one time, then Metamask the next, you will have two separate Crossmint accounts.

Note: they are currently separate accounts, but we are working on mechanisms to enable account consolidation & multiple login methods.

A note about Crossmint wallets, NFTs, and chains

Please note that all Crossmint wallets are cross-chain and NFTs from all supported chains live together in the same wallet.

So you don't need to log in with Metamask to see your ETH or Polygon NFTs, your Phantom to see your Solana NFTs, etc.

In fact, you can log in with Metamask and see Solana NFTs in your wallet ;) 

We provide multiple login methods for convenience. Choose which one suits you best.

Note: if you pay with cross-chain payments, your login will be whatever wallet you used for your cross-chain payment. So if you paid for a SOL NFT with ETH, you'll log in with Metamask in order to see the Solana NFT you bought. Payments made with a credit card usually go to your email wallet unless otherwise specified.

Login Methods

Now, let's look at each login method to understand how each one works.


Logging in with email

If you've entered your email into the login box, you can check your email for a magic login link.

If you don't see it, it may be hidden by an email filter. You may need to search for "team@crossmint.io" or "mailer@crossmint.io" to find it.

When you find the email, click the magic link to log in. No passwords required.

Or you can also copy-paste the code given and enter it into the login prompt that appears after you've entered your email:


Logging in with Google

If you select the Google option, it will present you with a list of your Google accounts. Select the one you use with Crossmint.


Once you select your account, it should automatically log you into Crossmint.

Note: you can login with a Gmail address using either the manual email address entry field or by clicking the Google button and selecting your email account.

Logging in with Discord

To log into Crossmint with Discord, select the Discord button. Then, if you're already logged into Discord, you will see the following: 


Select Authorize and you will be logged into Crossmint.

Logging into Crossmint with Discord as a linked account

Discord CAN be connected with an existing Crossmint account and therefore can be used as an alternate login method for any other account.

Your Discord account can only be linked to one Crossmint account. If you try to link your Crossmint account to Discord and see the following, your Discord account has already been linked to a different Crossmint account (either email or wallet):


If you want to connect this wallet to your Discord account but have already connected it elsewhere, please join our Discord server and ask for help switching it over. 

Note: we are in the process of building out profile tools to enable self-service for these tasks.

Logging in with Metamask or Phantom

These options are most frequently used when you've already purchased an NFT via cross-chain payments (for example, logging into Crossmint to use ETH to pay for a Solana NFT).

To login with Metamask or Phantom, follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure the appropriate browser extension is installed.
    We will not provide links to these for safety reasons.
  2. On the Crossmint website, select the appropriate wallet login option.
  3. Ensure the wallet browser extension pop-up looks legitimate. Then, enter your password to unlock your wallet.
  4. Ensure the signature request looks legitimate. It should not ask you to transfer any funds or give any access other than signing in. It will look something like this Metamask example: 
  5. Click Sign and you'll be signed into Crossmint!


Still having trouble?

Contact us here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 💚


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