My NFT doesn't load in my wallet or on marketplaces

Trouble viewing your NFT in your wallet or marketplaces? Let's break down the solution.

1. Connect Crossmint wallet to a marketplace 

The example will be done using OpenSea as an example, but the process will be similar for any other marketplace. First, connect your Crossmint wallet to OpenSea. Follow the instructions in this video on how to use Wallet Connect with Crossmint:


2. Prepare to list your NFTs

If you would like to list your NFTs on a secondary marketplace, you'll need to transfer them from your Crossmint custodial wallet to an external crypto wallet, like Metamask. Refer to our guide on exporting NFTs for help.


NFT still not showing? Try these steps:

Step 1: Check your OpenSea connection

  • Visit OpenSea
  • Click the Wallet icon and select your walletmceclip7.png
  • Connect your wallet, click the Profile icon, then select Profile
  • Your NFTs will now be displayed in your profile's 'Collections'. 

Remember, it may take a brief moment for your exported NFT to populate on OpenSea

If you've connected your wallet to Opensea and you're still having trouble locating your NFT, please check the "Hidden" folder within your profile's collection. In some instances, NFTs that were recently airdropped, claimed, or purchased may automatically be moved to the "Hidden" folder as a general security measure.


Step 2: Look at your Metamask or Phantom NFT portfolio

  • Navigate to Metamask Portfolio or your Phantom wallet and sign in
  • Click on 'NFTs' in the main page content selectormceclip10.png
  • Scroll through your NFTs to see if yours is there

Step 3: Use Etherscan or the blockchain scanner of the chain of your NFT to verify NFT delivery

  • Go to Etherscan
  • Copy and paste your Metamask, or any other EVM compatible wallet address, in the search fieldmceclip0.png
  • On your Wallet page, scroll to 'ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Token Txns'
  • Find your NFT and click 'View NFT'mceclip3.png
  • On the NFT page, check the 'Item Activity' to confirm a successful transfer mceclip5.png

Trouble with CEX wallets?

If you've sent your NFT to a CEX wallet like Coinbase, and it's not showing, kindly contact their support team.


NFT not loading in Crossmint wallet?

Please visit this other article where we explain how to proceed.


If you've waited over 30 minutes and you still can't see your NFT, please get in touch with Crossmint support. We're here to help!


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