My NFT doesn't load in my wallet or on marketplaces

No worries! Let's troubleshoot it together.

Connect your Crossmint wallet to OpenSea

To connect your Crossmint wallet directly to OpenSea, follow the instructions in the following video:

To list NFTs in your Crossmint wallet for sale on marketplaces, you will need to export your NFTs from Crossmint to a crypto wallet such as Metamask. View our export FAQ article here.

If your NFT is in your wallet and you still do not see it on OpenSea or other marketplaces, try the following:

Ensure you're connected to MetaMask and OpenSea

  • Navigate to
  • Click the Wallet icon and select your wallet mceclip7.png
  • After you sign in to your wallet, click the Profile icon, then select Profile:mceclip9.png
  • Your NFTs should be visible there.
  • If you've transferred your NFT into your Metamask or other wallet and it isn't loading on OpenSea, it may just need a little more time. 

You can also view your Metamask NFT portfolio directly to see if your NFT is in your wallet

  • Navigate to and sign in.
  • Click on NFTs in the main page content selector mceclip10.png
  • Look through all your NFTs to see if it's there.

Check Etherscan to see if your NFT has been delivered to your wallet

Etherscan is a website that helps you navigate blockchain transactions, tokens, and wallets.

Here we will verify that the NFT has actually finished transferring. Sometimes it can take several minutes for an NFT to transfer.

  • Open
  • Copy-paste your Metamask or other wallet address in the search field: mceclip0.png
  • On your Wallet page, scroll to the bottom where it says ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Token Txns (Token Transactions). 
  • Find the NFT that looks like it might be yours on either of the pages, then click View NFT on the right: mceclip3.png
  • On the NFT page, look at the bottom section that says Item Activity, and verify it was transferred successfully, and has not been transferred out again:mceclip5.png

Centralized exchange (CEX) wallets

If you sent your NFT to a CEX wallet (such as Coinbase), it may not be visible. Please contact their support department for assistance.

Not loading in the Crossmint wallet

If your NFT's image is not loading in the Crossmint wallet and just shows a default or incorrect image, such as a pre-reveal image when it should already be revealed, try refreshing metadata.

  1. Login to your Crossmint wallet
  2. Click on your NFT
  3. Click the Refresh 🔃 button (upper right of the NFT detail section)
  4. It should refresh within a minute or so, if not immediately.

Other possibilities

In very rare cases, the NFT may be missing an image URL in the metadata, and may not be visible at all. Please contact the NFT project team to let them know; they should be able to update it.


If it's been longer than half an hour and you still don't see your NFT, please contact us here.


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