I can't make it to mint day. Can I prepay for an NFT?

Yes! If the project has enabled Crossmint Prepay.

If a project has Crossmint Prepay enabled, you can buy your NFTs with a credit card or crypto ahead of time.

How does Crossmint Prepay work?

Crossmint Prepay is similar to a normal NFT mint, with an additional easy step. 

With a regular mint, all you do is click "Pay with credit card" or "Pay with [crosschain crypto]" and go through the easy checkout flow. 

Prepay adds one step before this: you'll encounter a registration page where you will connect your social account or email (based on the project's specifications). This verifies you aren't a bot and allows you into the Prepay flow.

Once you've paid, you'll receive a payment receipt via email. 

Then all that's left to do is wait until mint day. The project will airdrop the NFT directly to your wallet.

Find out more about Prepay here.


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