What is the OTP and how do I find it?

OTP (One Time Password) is a 4-digit code linked to each credit card purchase on Crossmint. It may be needed when transferring an NFT from your Crossmint wallet to an external wallet.


Please follow these steps in order to find your OTP and pass OTP verification:

  1. Login to your bank's website and find your bank account statement
  2. Look for the Crossmint transaction associated with the NFT you are trying to export
  3. Look for something similar to: "CROSSMINT* 1234-PENDING"
  4. The OTP will be the 1234 in “CROSSMINT* XXXX-PENDING" that you see in that transaction’s description.
  5. Input the 4 digits when the export flow asks you for it inside your Crossmint account.   

Note: the word "PENDING" on your bank transaction is added by Stripe. The four digits that appear near "PENDING" are your OTP code.


If you're having issues finding your OTP on mobile, try requesting the desktop site or use a desktop computer.


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