Prepay. Sleep in. Everyone's happy.

With Crossmint Prepay, customers have the convenience of paying in advance for NFT drops and getting their NFTs delivered to their wallet on mint day.

Crossmint’s prepayment flow eliminates NFT buyers' mint-day anxiety. Users are no longer forced to wake up at 3 AM or interrupt their workday to purchase your NFT.

Crossmint Prepay also enables you to get your project out quickly into the fast-paced environment of web3 and market it to a broader audience. You can also see how presales are going by monitoring your Prepay dashboard in the Console.

How to create your own No-code Prepay page

We offer the ability to set up a no-code hosted Prepay page so you can sell your NFTs before you ever register a smart contract.

How? Check out our extensive documentation, great for no-coders and engineers alike. We recommend watching the video below or reading the step-by-step Prepay blog post!

  • View developer documentation here.
  • Read the step-by-step blog post here.
  • Create your own No-code Prepay page in our Console (or Staging Console)
  • Watch this walkthrough video:


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