What is Crossmint Accesslist?

Set aside spots for VIPs and superfans.

Crossmint Accesslist is a free tool for NFT creators to gate early access to their NFT drop to super-fans and VIPs without asking them to set up crypto wallets.

With just an email and social sign-in, you can collect a list of users who will be able to mint during their presale phase using just a credit card. 💳

How do Crossmint Accesslists and Crossmint payment methods work together?

Check out this article for more on how Accesslists and Payments combine to give your VIPs the friendliest checkout experience!

Notable Projects that have used Crossmint Accesslists

Set up your Accesslist

Learn how to set up an Accesslist here: Ethereum Accesslists | Solana Accesslists

It's easy to get started. Fill out this Typeform or hop in our Discord and post a new thread in our Support Forums, and we'll get back to you ASAP!


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