How can I use an Accesslist in my drop?

Two different ways. Choose your VIP adventure.

We have two approaches to Accesslists: 

  1. Crossmint's email accesslist allows users to claim their spot via email.
    • We create a wallet for them in the background and send you the address so you can add it to your verification mechanism for presale.
    • On mint day, it's effortless for them to mint with a credit card.
    • This product is great for accessing the wider Web2 community and onboarding them to Web3.
  2. Crossmint's “traditional” accesslist collects crypto wallet addresses.
    • We send you these addresses, as well as additional addresses that correspond to Crossmint wallets so that if these users want to purchase via CC, they sign in via Metamask and use the CC flow.
    • We support Merkle tree whitelists on Ethereum. Typically, we have a copy of the same tree and generate a proof at mint time, which we send to you.

Regarding accesslist signup mechanisms for customers, we support:

  • Gated signups via validation of Discord server membership role assignments
  • Ungated signups via Google or Facebook account connection. This option is for more web2/traditional audiences that may not use Discord and is specifically designed to minimize bot activity. Because access to this is not gated, this option is usually shared with eligible members via email or direct message.


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