What is the Crossmint NFT Minting API, and how does it work?

Mint & send NFTs to anyone with just one API call.

Our Minting API deploys an NFT smart contract on the supported chain 

The API validates and uploads NFT metadata and images/videos/3D assets to decentralized permanent storage, mints the NFT, and sends it to an existing crypto wallet or an email address. Sending to an email address automatically creates a Crossmint wallet for the user; there's no extra work required.

The Minting API is robust and flexible. Add it to any user experience.

All this can be done with just one simple API call. 🤝

Please read our Minting API documentation for more information! 

You can even test drive the Minting API directly in our docs -- check out the API Reference.

Minting API Examples

We've worked with several large projects to do both regular drops (weekly) and public drops. 

The most prolific NFT producer on Solana, Solana Spaces, has sent out 100,000 NFTs as of Dec 30, 2022, and as of January 2023, was minting between 10-15% of all NFTs on Solana, sending ~22,000 NFTs each drop–all through Crossmint's Minting API.

On Thanksgiving Day 2022, Crown Royal revealed their "That Deserves a Crown" campaign, showing a QR code during the Thanksgiving Day NFL football game, leading to a website where buyers could mint gorgeous animated crown NFTs or nominate someone to receive one. These NFTs only required an email address to be delivered. Crossmint's Minting API made this experience flawless for those NFL enjoyers who were not crypto-savvy!

Watch this quick video demonstrating the Crown Royal experience–and then watch how you can get started coding your own user experiences with the Minting API!


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