What are Crossmint's token-gating capabilities?

You can add Crossmint Connect or use Wallet Connect to verify who your holders are.

Crossmint Connect is our in-house wallet connection tool. Add it to your website to enable Crossmint users to authenticate. Users will enjoy its clean UI and intuitive user experience.

If you're using a 3rd party platform and can't add Crossmint Connect, are already using Wallet Connect, or want to use it for any other reason, Crossmint wallets are also compatible with Wallet Connect (Ethereum).

How to get the most out of Crossmint Connect

Token Gating

Restrict access to certain perks and content to holders of your NFT.

Visualize a wallet's holdings

Allow users to visit your website, connect their Crossmint wallet, and view their NFTs.

Web3 Authentication

Create an application that uses crypto wallets as its login authentication method and enables users to authenticate with their Crossmint wallet/account.

View our documentation on Crossmint Connect here.

IRL (Physical) Events

If you're interested in physical token gating, please contact Sales.

Note: Collecting attendees' email addresses and airdropping NFTs to them before the event is a great use case. Everyone gets to experience claiming an NFT and viewing it in a wallet. This can be a powerful way to onboard folks to web3. Check out our Minting API here.


For more information about Crossmint Connect and using Crossmint with Wallet Connect, watch our videos below!



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