Can I airdrop NFTs to buyers' Crossmint wallets?

Yes. You can send NFTs directly to emails or wallet addresses!

Using Crossmint's Minting API, you can create and deliver an NFT to a user in a single line of code.

You pay per NFT with fiat (charged by card) and can deliver them to anyone. 

Even if the receiver doesn't have any cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet!


How it works

Under the hood, the Crossmint Minting API:

  1. Deploys an NFT smart contract (using one of the supported blockchains listed below)
  2. Handles all cryptocurrency payments, so you only need to pay in fiat with card or ACH
  3. Validates, uploads, and pins your NFT metadata and media assets (images, videos, 3d assets, etc) to decentralized permanent storage
  4. Mints the NFT
  5. Deposits the NFT in a user wallet by either:
    1. Sending NFT to an existing crypto wallet via their public key, or
    2. Sending the NFT to an email address (via a custodial wallet Crossmint creates on the user's behalf)

Supported blockchains

Blockchain Status
Polygon Live in mainnet and testnet (mumbai)
Solana Live in mainnet and devnet
Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, BNB Please contact us


👉 See our Minting API documentation here. 


Minting to Crossmint wallets

Note: Please contact us first if you'd like to offer airdrops to existing Crossmint wallets.

Any airdropped NFTs will automatically appear in recipients' Crossmint wallets but may not export as expected. Our team can help with this. Contact us here and let us know if you are airdropping NFTs to existing Crossmint wallets.


If you have questions, feel free to chat with us on our Support forums in our Discord!


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