How does the Crossmint wallet work?

The Crossmint wallet is a web2-friendly custodial wallet attached to the user's email.

We create a Crossmint wallet automatically for customers after they complete an NFT purchase. This wallet is theirs and is on-chain and visible, so they can see all their NFTs and transactions.

Their NFTs are safely stored there and can be accessed with the same email, social login, or wallet (cross-chain purchasing requires logging in with Metamask and Phantom) used to perform the checkout. 

Thanks to our technology, users don't have to remember complicated seed phrases or long wallet addresses.

Our wallets are free, secure, and accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

Crossmint wallets are also multi-chain, meaning they can hold and view NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchains in the same place for their convenience.

Note: Note that the Crossmint wallet can consist of two separate wallet addresses: one for Solana and one for Polygon (& Ethereum).


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