Can I buy an NFT and pay with a different cryptocurrency?

Yes, and it's easy! No need to open new wallets and buy other cryptos.

Got an NFT you're secretly admiring—but it's on the wrong chain for you? 

No worries! You can stay in your comfort zone with Crossmint's Cross-chain Payments and buy NFTs on participating projects & marketplaces with $SOL or $ETH!

Here's how it works:

First, find the NFT you want to buy

Where can you find cross-chain buyable NFTs? Individual NFT projects and drops can integrate Cross-chain Payments.

For example, MagicEden has Cross-chain Payments implemented for all listings.

Select Pay with ETH or Pay with SOL

Select the currency you're paying in.

Reminder: we're looking at cross-chain payments, so that means you can

  • buy a Solana NFT with $ETH
  • buy an Ethereum NFT with $SOL

Complete purchase authorizations

Buy your NFT just like usual.

You'll have a few more approvals as you're paying from a separate wallet: think of it as "payment pre-authorization."

Reminder: always read transactions before you sign them!

Purchase complete. Let's go look at it!

Your NFT will be sent to your Crossmint wallet.

Here's how to access your Crossmint wallet:

  • Navigate to
  • Sign in with the Phantom or Metamask wallet you used to pay!
    • Note: you may need to sign out if you've signed in with Google or a different email. Your NFT will be in a new wallet created for you with your Phantom or Metamask as the login method. We will enable the combination of logins soon.

More about your Crossmint wallet

Your Crossmint wallet is yours forever.

It can hold Ethereum, Solana, Polygon NFTs, and much more!

You can transfer NFTs out of your Crossmint wallet at any time—but you can also keep them there forever 💚


Cross-chain Payments Recap

Here's how to use Crossmint's Cross-chain Payments:

  1. Find your NFT (on a participating mint or marketplace)
  2. Select your payment
  3. Approve payment on your crypto wallet
  4. Complete the Crossmint transaction
  5. Admire your new NFT from another chain!

Cross-chain Payments For Developers

Interested in integrating this feature into your mint or marketplace?

Check out our docs here.

Want to see how it works before diving in yourself? Check out this


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