How do I integrate cross-chain payments?


With Crossmint, you can accept Ethereum and Solana as crypto payments for your NFT sales across all supported chains. For example, you can accept ETH on your Solana drop, Solana on your Polygon drop, etc.

You can accept one or more payment methods from credit cards, SOL, or ETH. Your customers will be able to pay in any of the selected methods.

No wallets needed

Furthermore, your customers don't need to have a wallet for the currency you're accepting prior to buying. When they purchase using Crossmint, a custodial wallet is automatically created for them and associated with their email address. Later on, once they set up a wallet such as Phantom, they can export their NFTs instantaneously and with zero fees.

Conversions and settlements

Crossmint does the currency conversion automatically, handles minting across chains, handles custodial account creation and NFT exports, and even refunds if the NFT was sold out during the transaction. All it takes is 5 lines of code on your front end.

You will always receive instant settlements in your smart contract's configured currency.

Documentation & support

To integrate cross-chain payments for your drop, please review our docs.

For more general information, check out our Medium introductory article on cross-chain payments.

If you have a request for specific cross-chain payment pairs or chains you'd like to see us support, hop on our Discord and add a request in our Feedback forum!


View the Cross-chain purchase flow here:


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