What is the maximum price allowed in a Crossmint credit card transaction?

$1,500 for primary sales (mints) and $6,500 for secondary sales, but you can request an increase.

Currently, the maximum transaction limit per primary sale (mint) is $1,500.

For marketplaces, secondary sale transaction limits are capped at $6,500.

These limits:

  1. can be increased upon request;
  2. are subject to change at any time;
  3. are constantly reevaluated to provide the best possible service.

For cross-chain payments (learn more), there are effectively no limits, as payments are made in cryptocurrency.

How to request an increase

If you wish to support higher total mint costs (usually due to multiple minting or high-priced individual NFTs) for your credit card checkout, please fill in the following Typeform, and our team will be in touch with you!


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