Is Crossmint's credit card checkout compatible with Accesslists?


You can use Crossmint's credit card checkout in the pre-sale and/or Accesslist (sometimes called the whitelist) phase of your project.

Additionally, we have created a free Accesslist tool that lets you collect and manage web2 credentials, such as email or social logins, for your drop.

How do Allowlists work with Crossmint payments?

Here's the most straightforward way to integrate Crossmint with an accesslist:

  • The project shares a list of emails for users who want to mint during allowlist/whitelist ahead of the allowlist phase opening
  • Crossmint pre-generates custodial wallets for the list of users based on their email addresses
  • We combine that list of custodial wallet addresses and the full list of other web3 wallets you've collected
  • A Merkle root is calculated from that full tree
  • We maintain a copy of the full tree on our side and generate proofs automatically to send in the mint transaction for credit card buyers
  • The project maintains a full copy of the tree to generate proofs for buyers minting via the mint website and a connected wallet

Check out our docs for integration: Ethereum Accesslists | Solana Accesslists


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