Will buyers still be able to mint with crypto?

Yes! Crossmint is an additional payment option.

Crossmint complements the conventional process of NFT minting and buying, offering customers additional payment options alongside standard crypto payments.

With Crossmint's credit card NFT checkout added to your mint, your community members can mint using their own crypto wallets or credit cards. Crossmint will automatically create a Crossmint cross-chain custodial wallet for them to store and enjoy their NFTs.

Payment button combinations

The most common implementation of Crossmint places two buttons on the mint site:

  1. Standard "Connect wallet" button to pay with crypto
  2. Crossmint's "Pay with credit card" button to pay with credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any of our other options listed here.

Note that you can place multiple payment options on the same page, such as

  1. Connect Wallet
  2. Pay with credit card
  3. Pay with ETH/SOL (cross-chain)

Crossmint button themes are customizable. View docs here.

Examples of payment buttons on mint sites






To integrate our Direct Mint to User Wallet capability, where minted or purchased NFTs bypass the Crossmint wallet and are instead deposited directly into the user's crypto wallet, follow the instructions in our documentation


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