I am launching an NFT collection. Why should I add Crossmint?

It's the single highest ROI action you can take.

Crossmint offers low-code tools to enhance your NFT project from start to finish.

We make the process convenient and easy for both minters and developers. 🚀 💚

Did we mention nearly all our tools and features are free? 

Crossmint is your partner along the journey, from launching an NFT collection with our Minting API to reaching a broader audience by adding our prepay and/or credit card payment functionality to allowing users to authenticate and access your community. 

Projects that enable Crossmint credit card checkout see, on average, 30-50% of the volume minted via credit card. This has historically been audience-agnostic, representing both the crypto-savvy and crypto-shy.

We also create cross-chain, easily accessible wallets for all customers. This is attractive for projects with a large web2 or crypto-shy audience, as no knowledge of crypto, or ownership of crypto or crypto wallets, is required.

We have powerful fraud detection models and a team dedicated to evolving them to meet new methods and vectors of attack. With this, we help shield clients from fraud.

Since it only takes 5 minutes to set up and is free, adding Crossmint is probably the highest ROI action you can take right now. 🏁


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