I received an airdrop in my Crossmint wallet

At this time, Crossmint custodial NFT wallets do not support fungible tokens. However, we can support them through our Smart Wallets. 

NFTs that were airdropped, or claimed, will be displayed in your Crossmint custodial wallet's NFT collection. 

Can I export an airdropped NFT?

Generally, Crossmint does not allow exports for native ETH NFTs that were airdropped, or claimed, to a user's custodial wallet due to the higher costs associated on the Ethereum blockchain. 

If you were airdropped an NFT, please contact support.


Fungible Token Policies

Your Crossmint Custodial Wallet cannot store fungible tokens, and thus you cannot deposit fungible tokens in your Crossmint Custodial Wallet. In the event that, for whatever reason, fungible tokens were sent to your Crossmint Custodial Wallet, Crossmint shall return them to the wallet that originally sent the assets, prior deduction of any gas fees and transaction costs. Crossmint is not responsible for any loss that could arise from the return of any fungible token to the originating wallet. See Terms of Service for more details.




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