How do I access the NFT I purchased?

Most NFTs purchased through Crossmint land by default in your Crossmint Custodial wallet unless you purchase through a Direct-to-Wallet mint.

We create a Crossmint wallet for you at the time of purchase (when we ask you to create an account!)

The Crossmint wallet is accessible via your login at any time.

Note: Crossmint wallet logins are exclusive, meaning if you log in with your Gmail, and you also create an account using your Metamask as the login, these will be two different wallets (for now, we are working on mechanisms to combine them).


As for the Direct-to-Wallet mints, if you haven't received your NFT, kindly double check your email to see further instructions. 

Note: Direct-to-Wallet mints are not the same as using Metamask or Phantom as a login. If you used your Metamask or Phantom account during your purchase, kindly try logging in to our site using your external wallet. 

  • Click My Wallet at the top right of our homepage.


  • Sign in when prompted. 
  • Your Collection of NFTs will appear!
    • All your NFTs, regardless of chain, will display here. 
    • Click on any NFT to view its details or export it to another wallet.

You can also access your wallet's NFT Collection by navigating to it directly.


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