How does Crossmint simplify the NFT buying process?

By eliminating the friction that all first-time NFT buyers experience.

With Crossmint, you only need an email address and a credit card to buy an NFT.

It works on every device, from all web browsers, and takes less than 1 minute.

No crypto or wallet needed!


Before we get into Crossmint's significant advantages, let's talk about the usual journey to purchase an NFT first. Spoiler: It's tedious! 😖

  1. Create a crypto wallet
    • First, you've got to learn what wallet you need for which blockchain
    • Then you need to create one
    • And you need to enter a complex passphrase
    • Then, you need to record the recovery key and lock it in a safe
  2. Obtain cryptocurrency for purchasing
    • Figure out which exchange is the best for buying crypto
    • Understand any geographical or governmental restrictions
    • Link your bank account
    • Perform KYC (identity verification)
    • Transfer funds to the exchange
    • Wait several days (up to 7 days for new buyers)
    • Transfer it to your crypto wallet - make sure the address is correct
  3. Buy your NFT and hold it
    • Connect your crypto wallet on the mint site (ensure it's not a scam) or marketplace
    • Read and sign transactions
    • Buy a Ledger or other hardware wallet and install/configure it 
    • Move NFTs from hot wallets to warm or cold (hardware) wallets

This process can take days or weeks and involves a lot of careful learning to be sure you're doing everything correctly. Even for experienced users, it's a hassle. 👎

Crossmint solves this problem in 3️⃣ easy steps:

  1. Sign up for Crossmint
  2. Select your NFT and buy with a credit card
  3. Login to Crossmint with your email address and view your NFTs!

Additionally, with Crossmint:

  • having an existing crypto wallet or cryptocurrency is not required
  • you can view NFTs from multiple blockchains in the same place
  • you can access your NFTs from any device or browser
  • your NFTs are secure with our Fireblocks technology
  • you don't need to worry about storing complex recovery keys
  • you can easily participate in the next NFT drop or secondary purchase without worrying about having crypto on hand!

Note: you do not need to open a dApp or login to a wallet app to use Crossmint.


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