Is Crossmint secure?


We have created and securely hold custody of 350,000+ wallets worldwide.

Here's more about us:

About the team behind Crossmint

Crossmint products are built by former engineers from Silicon Valley's most reputed companies, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Whatsapp.


About our payment processors

For all credit card checkout products, we provide a secure platform powered by world-renowned infrastructure providers and industry leaders Stripe and 

About our fraud protections

We utilize actively evolving fraud rules during purchases to allow or block payment attempts.

About our wallets

We create individual custodial wallets for all customers using industry-leading Fireblocks and safeguard the private keys.

About transfers out of our wallets

To transfer NFTs from Crossmint to another wallet, additional steps may be required.

This includes requiring the customer to provide four digits from the card, card transaction descriptor, and/or ID verification.

Our goal is to limit the customer information being requested and stored, as summarized in our Privacy Policy.

About our vulnerability bounties & white hat

We encourage researchers to identify opportunities for us through our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy. 



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