We're here to help you ease into the world of NFTs, so you don't have to worry about crypto or wallets. πŸ’š

We at Crossmint are on a mission to build the best NFT infrastructure and improve the experience of buying, owning, using, and selling NFTs, making NFTs friendlier and more accessible to the 99% of the population who have never owned one.

What makes Crossmint so awesome for new users?

  • When using Crossmint, no crypto wallets or cryptocurrency are necessary!
  • When buying NFTs with Crossmint, it's not much different than buying a digital item like an e-book. So most banks and payment methods support Crossmint.
  • Because you're not buying crypto when you use Crossmint, there's no KYC (identity verification) required for customers.
  • NFT projects that add our credit card checkout enable anyone to buy an NFT in 30 seconds, by only using an email/social login and a credit/debit card.
    • Feel free to ask projects to add Crossmint! It's free and just takes a few minutes to add.
  • We automatically create a multi-chain wallet for all NFT buyers who do not have one.
  • We have a broad array of low-code products that help onboard Web2 users (not familiar with NFTs) into Web3.

Some of the tools we offer are:


  • Credit card checkout: enable users to mint or buy NFTs with a credit card
  • Cross-chain payments: enable minting and buying with other cryptos
  • Accesslists: enable signups for super fans and VIPs and save their spot in line
  • Prepay: Buy NFTs ahead of the public release


  • Web2-friendly wallet: Wallets are created automatically after using Crossmint checkout.
    • Customers can log in to their wallets using familiar methods such as Gmail and Discord.
    • No need to save long seed phrases!

And more! If you're a developer, check out our full suite of features and our docs.

Want to see how Crossmint works?

Check out this video!


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