We're here to help you ease into the world of NFTs, so you don't have to worry about crypto or wallets. 💚

Crossmint is an enterprise-grade platform with the goal of making blockchain and NFT technologies more accessible and user-friendly. Crossmint focuses on integrating blockchain assets into applications in a seamless way that doesn't require prior blockchain experience or cryptocurrencies, which makes it easier to onboard web2-native users. Our aim is to enable enterprises and developers to integrate these technologies without the complexities typically associated with blockchain.


We offer a range of tools for creating, distributing, storing, and selling digital assets. These include:

  • Wallets that allow for easy integration (10 lines of code), robust security, customizability, and 100% asset recoverability
  • A streamlined NFT checkout that facilitates sales to a mainstream audience by accepting credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, etc.
  • Minting APIs for creating, editing, burning, and distributing NFTs in a simplified way
  • Smart wallets that enable users to store fungibles non-custodially and are readily available to developers

Additionally, Crossmint focuses on enterprise-grade scale and security. Our platform is SOC II certified, GDPR and CCPA compliant, built to support major companies and brands, and offer 24/7 support with SLAs.


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