Can I use the Crossmint NFT Checkout if I don’t have a website?

Of course! Crossmint's main goal is to make the NFT creation, sale and distribution accessible for everyone. This way, the team is always working on new no-code products that ease the process of launching NFT collections, even if you don’t have a website to do it.


To use our NFT checkout without a website you only need to enable the No-Code Storefront by following the next steps:

  • Sign up in the Self-Service Developer Console 
  • Go to  “Collections” and click on “New collection”
  • Register or create your smart contract
  • Perform project and collection verification (required to use payments)
  • Within the collection, navigate to “Payments” tab and enable the toggle to activate the NFT checkout.
  • Select the “No-Code Storefront” option and set up the desired payment methods.
  • Add your logo, customize the branding and start selling 


Learn more about the No-Code Storefront usability and features in our documentation.


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