Why was my NFT sent to a wallet I do not recognize? 

Generally, when an NFT you purchased through Crossmint looks like it was sent to a wallet that you do not recognize, please check your email inbox and spam/junk folders for an email titled:

Crossmint - We need more information from you” and click ‘Verify Payment Method’.

Please follow these steps in order to find your OTP and pass OTP verification:

  1. Look for the Crossmint transaction associated with the NFT you purchased in your bank account. 
  2. The transaction will look similar to this: CROSSMINT* 1234-PENDING
  3. The 4 digits within the transaction description is your OTP code

This is a security verification checkpoint that we routinely send to our users to validate a purchase. Once your verification has been accepted, your NFT will be transferred to the wallet you had connected at the time of checkout.


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