What are Crossmint’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

At Crossmint, we understand the significance of maintaining a high standard of service. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reflect our commitment to providing a reliable, efficient, and safe environment for your operations.
Note: SLAs are exclusive for Enterprise customers. If you would like to access this enterprise offering, please contact us.

  1. Service Uptime: We strive to maintain 99% service uptime for key operations including wallet creation, fetching NFTs, fetching wallet addresses, and NFT minting across chains.

  2. Support Response Times: Should a production-breaking incident occur, we are committed to responding swiftly:
    1. Within US-business hours (9 AM to 7 PM ET): Acknowledgment of the incident within 1 hour, with.with a workaround or mitigation in place within 24 hours. If the solution requires changes to the code, an estimation of the final resolution shall be provided.
    2. Outside US-business hours: Acknowledgment of the incident within 8 hours, with a solution in place within 48 hours.

For non-production breaking inquiries, our dedicated team will respond as promptly as possible. Timelines will be jointly agreed upon based on the nature and scope of the question.

  1. Security Vulnerabilities: Your security is our priority. Our response and fix timelines for security vulnerabilities are as follows:

Issue Severity Description Response Timeline Fix Timeline
Critical - Active Exploit Critical vulnerabilities posing immediate risk or affecting the stability of our Service. 24 Hours 48 Hours
Critical - Inactive Exploit Critical vulnerabilities that can be readily exploited, without active exploitation. 48 Hours 5 Days
High High vulnerabilities that do not have a known exploit but may have significant impact. 48 Hours 30 Days
Medium Medium vulnerabilities that could lead to business logic issues but don't directly risk our Service. 48 Hours 90 Days
Low Low vulnerabilities that do not put our Service at risk and that do not lead to business logic issues. 48 Hours Best Efforts


Our SLA is designed to address a variety of scenarios. However, if your case requires specific attention or falls outside the stipulations above, please contact us. We are dedicated to providing optimal service and support tailored to your needs.


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