I have been contacted by Crossmint. How do I know it’s legitimate?

Never fear. Here’s how we’ll contact you:


We will only send emails from the following domains:

  • @crossmint.io
  • @paella.dev (in rare circumstances)


Whenever a Direct Message (DM) is required, we prefer that you send us a message first so you can be sure you’re writing to a legitimate Crossmint team member.

How to send a DM or Friend Request:

  1. Login to Discord
  2. In the Crossmint server, find a team member from the Members list or an existing conversation
  3. Click their name and send a Direct Message or Friend Request

If you aren’t sure a Crossmint team member’s Discord account is legitimate, you can verify the user’s Discord Role ID against those of the Crossmint Team as seen in the Members list. This is a powerful way to determine a user's legitimacy.

Here’s how to find a user’s Discord Role ID:

  1. Go to User Settings > Advanced > enable Developer Mode
  2. Next, simply locate a Crossmint member in the Crossmint discord and hover over their name
  3. Right-click the official Crossmint Team role in their profile and select "Copy ID"
  4. Paste it anywhere and ensure it matches the following ID: 913698997552693258



Our official handle is @crossmint.

We will not contact you for support purposes from any other account.

Message content

We will never ask you for the following:

  • Account passwords
  • Wallet seed phrases
  • Any other personal information required to gain access to your accounts

In addition, we will never ask for the following:

  • Transfers of NFTs or funds that are not directly related to an existing collaboration or inquiry
  • Any sort of trade


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