I transferred my Solana NFT to Coinbase

Coinbase is a Centralized Exchange (CEX) that offers a crypto wallet.

However, at the time of this writing (August 01, 2023), Coinbase does not support Solana NFTs. 

If you transfer a Solana NFT to your Coinbase wallet, it may become "stuck" as you cannot see it to transfer it back out again.

If this has already occurred to you, we will cover the steps you can take:

  1. Find your NFT in Solscan
  2. Identify the wallet that currently holds it
  3. Find the transaction showing the transfer from your wallet to your Coinbase wallet
  4. Send a message to Coinbase requesting assistance

Find your NFT in Solscan

First, find your Crossmint wallet address.

  1. Click here to access your Crossmint wallet. You may need to log in.
  2. Under the Account section, locate your Solana wallet address. 
    • This is the Solana blockchain address that points to the part of your Crossmint wallet that holds Solana NFTs (Crossmint's wallets are multi-chain, and have an address for each type of blockchain).
  3. Copy your address. It should be a long string of letters and numbers. 
    • Note that it will NOT begin with "0x..." -- this is a prefix exclusive to the Ethereum chain (and Polygon).

Next, use Solscan to verify your NFT was transferred to your Coinbase wallet.

  1. Navigate to Solscan and paste the address in the large search bar.
  2. Scroll down to the section named SPL Transfers.
  3. On the far right column, you should see a list of NFT names. Find the one that corresponds to your transferred NFT.

If your NFT was indeed transferred out (indicated by a red "-1"), find and copy the destination wallet address.

  1. Click on the transaction (far left) that corresponds to the "-1" line, indicating a transfer out of your Crossmint wallet. 


  2. In the Transaction Details screen, about halfway down, verify the "to [wallet address]" destination is your Coinbase wallet.


  3. Copy the URL of this transaction. You will need to send it in an email.

Using this information, send an email to Coinbase Support requesting assistance.

Due to the nature of the blockchain, transactions are irreversible. However, this does mean the transaction record is indisputable. If you did find that your NFT was indeed transferred out of your wallet and into your Coinbase wallet, you can request help.

Click the link to navigate to the page to contact Coinbase.

Then feel free to write your own message or copy our example here:


Dear Coinbase Support Team,

I acknowledge that you don't support Solana NFTs yet, but an NFT transfer was made from my Crossmint account to my Coinbase custodial wallet. I need help getting it back because it is an important NFT. 

Here is the transaction proof:

<<Paste the Transaction URL you copied from Solscan above>>

Can you please manually withdraw the NFT from my Coinbase custodial wallet and send it back to the wallet it came from?

<<Paste your Crossmint wallet address from Step 1 above. It may not be possible to ask them to send it to any other wallet than the wallet it came from as seen in the Transaction Details. >>

I can verify my identity in any way you want to prove my legitimacy.

Thank you so much for having such great customer support! Let me know if you need anything else from me.



If you have more questions regarding the Crossmint side of this topic, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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