How much does Crossmint cost to use?

Our fees are low, and we're constantly working to make them lower.

The fee structure of our NFT checkout is designed to cover our costs with a minimal margin so we can sustain our service. Our markup varies by partner/transaction type; however, it is lower or in line with comparable service providers.
Any fees charged are used to cover all the necessary steps we take on your behalf, including, but not limited to:
  • Anti-fraud
  • Fiat to crypto exchange fees
  • Cross-border currency exchange fees
  • Network fees
  • Wallet fees
  • Credit card processing fees 
  • KYC fees (as applicable)
  • and other overhead costs

For cross-chain payments not involving credit cards, we

  • swap the cryptocurrency
  • bridge it across chains
  • pay the gas fees

We do this all on behalf of the customer under the hood, so some of the fees mentioned in the prior section will still apply.

For most instances of Crossmint services, fees are borne by the buyer with no additional cost to developers. For more information on costs for developers, click here.


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