My NFT doesn't look right

No worries. It's usually a simple fix. 💚

Not loading in the Crossmint wallet

If your NFT's image is not loading in the Crossmint wallet and just shows a default or incorrect image, such as a pre-reveal image when it should already be revealed, try refreshing the NFT's metadata.

  1. Login to your Crossmint wallet
  2. Click on your NFT
  3. Click the Refresh 🔃 button (upper right of the NFT detail section)
  4. It should refresh within a minute or so, if not immediately.

Occasionally, an NFT collection may decide not to display the NFT anymore, and change the metadata to reflect this decision. This is unfortunately out of our hands.


Slow load times

Occasionally, blockchains can slow down. This means your NFT's image can take a bit to load (think of the slower days of the Internet). Give it a few minutes to load and try Refreshing (see above). If that does not produce your NFT's image, please review the rest of this article.

Metadata provider outages

NFTs might not display on the site due to metadata provider outages. Don't worry, if the mint or purchase was successful, your NFT is in your Crossmint account, it just might have issues displaying. If this happens to you, where you can see your NFT but Refreshing (see above) does not work, please contact Support.
If this occurs and you are in a hurry to see your new NFT, you can export it to another wallet. Check out this video for a tutorial on how to export your NFT out of your Crossmint wallet.


Other possibilities

In very rare cases, the NFT may be missing an image in the metadata, and therefore may not be visible at all. Please contact the NFT project team to let them know; they should be able to update it.


If it's been longer than half an hour and you still don't see your NFT, please get in touch with us here.


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