For Polygon contracts, this API is designed to handle requests based on the ERC-1155 metadata standard. Click here for our Polygon metadata docs.

For Solana contracts, All fields specified in the MetadataJson interface defined here (in our Solana metadata docs) are supported by this API.

File Types & Sizes

Supported filetypes: Any that is supported in the NFT metadata standard, i.e. JPG, GIF, PNG, MP4, SVT, MP3, WebM, WAV, GLTF, GLB, OGG*

Max file size: 100 MB**

If you require larger file sizes, please contact us.

Overall metadata object size: 5 KB. This includes NFT names and descriptions.

* Not all marketplaces support all file types.

** Not all marketplaces support 100 MB file sizes.

Contract Types & Blockchains



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